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For over 60 years Trend setting designers, Presidents, government officials, titans of industry and Hollywood actors have turned to Martin Greenfield, America's last great tailor.

Martin's Story

Martin, a holocaust survivor, learned the impact clothing can have on a person when in Auschwitz. Martin was assigned to wash clothes in the camps alteration shop. One day he accidentally ripped an SS officers shirt a transgression for which he was severely beaten.

The officer threw the shirt at Martin who mended it and started wearing it instead of the uniforms the other prisoners wore. From then on, he said, the guards and prisoners began treating him with respect. Martin attributes his survival to that shirt. The rest of Martin’s family perished in the camps.


In 1947, he was hired by the bespoke suit manufacturer, GGG Clothiers, in East Williamsburg. His first assignment was to move batches of unfinished garments from one tailor to another. He advanced to blind stitcher, fitter, supervisor and so on, until he was able to buy the business in the 1970’s, starting from scratch with six employees.

The new Martin Greenfield Heritage Collection brings together 60 years of exceptional tailoring into a elegant bespoke line of clothing for todays most discerning gentlemen. Hand tailored to your exact specifications.

The Heritage Collection is offered by appointment only. Our Master Tailor will measure, fit and personally deliver your garments at the convenience of your home or office.

Martin Greenfield signature

The Protegé

Martin Greenfield’s protégé, Stevie Fellig, came from a line of tailors. His grandfather, Joe, known as the “tailor of Vienna” taught him that the road to becoming a master in your field is only by learning from the masters that preceded you.

Originally from Miami, Stevie started his tailoring career with his own brand called Vita di Lusso. After years of being in the industry and eventually becoming a tailor to the celebrities, he partnered with Martin Greenfield to form the elegant bespoke clothing line, Heritage.

Stevie now resides in Brooklyn, New York, working each day, side by side with Martin Greenfield himself.

Martin Greenfield’s protégé, Stevie Fellig
“We’re one of the only places you can get a suit that’s made entirely by hand in America”.